Bristlecone Surgical Specialty Hospital was established to provide high quality healthcare in a cost effective and appropriate manner. Our mission and vision are centred on quality focused and patient focused environment. This is the foundation that supports our commitment to excellence in surgical care and pain management.

Bristlecone Hospital offers home away from home for patients from all walks of life. The foundation of Bristlecone Hospital is built on a strong belief that “true health is achieved only when medical excellence is integrated with a patient-centric culture. Promoted by Virinchi group, the Hospital is equipped with 3 Major OTs, 1 minor OT, ICU, NICU, Post-Op, Dialysis Unit, 24×7 Pharmacy and ambulance services.

We, at Bristlecone Hospital employ a team of experienced and skilled professionals, aimed to provide the quality healthcare in every medical department.

Mission :
To achieve Sustainable Leadership in the businesses we operate in, by delivering Trust among Customers, Employees, Shareholders and Community.
Vision :

Our vision for the future is to expand into a 1000 bedded centers of excellence, as an enviable chain of 6-7 hospitals, over the next two years.

The infrastructure of Bristlecone hospital is built up with world class rooms and wards with cutting edge technology to make
all patients feel at home.

Inpatient Rooms:

Bristlecone hospital offers a choice of patient Rooms. All the rooms are air-conditioned. Effort is made to provide the type of room that you desire. However, in the event of non-availability of the room of your choice, you will be allotted the best alternative room available.

Single Rooms:

These are single bed air-conditioned units with telephone and Wi-fi facilities. A separate couch is provided for the care taker at nights with 24*7 nursing facility.

Deluxe Rooms:

Deluxe room is the last word in patient comfort. Each deluxe room is laid out with a high definition LCD television, DVD, telephone, Microwave Oven, Wardrobe, Refrigerator, Wifi & different interior.

Operation Theatres:

Bristlecone hospital has 3 major and 1 minor modular Operation Theatres with laminar flow and ceiling mounted pendants. Backed up by DG set, UPS, central gas system and centralized AC’s, the Operations Theatres are equipped with pressure gradients which allow Operation Theatres environment 99.97 % contamination free.

Intensive Care Unit:

The ICUs are equipped with Multi parameter patient monitoring systems, Ventilators, Defibrillators and central gas lines. Round the clock critical care physician and nurse coverage is given to all the ICU patients.

Post – operative:

The post-operative ward is equipped with state of the art equipments, 24*7 Anesthetist, physician, and nursing care.

Obs & Gynec Ward:

Dedicated antenatal/postnatal/women ICU Beds and Labor Rooms are laid out with well supported intensive care equipment and round the clock availability of renowned Gynecologists, Pediatricians, and Neonatologists.


The casualty and emergency services is supported by dedicated Anesthetist, 24*7 Physicians, critical care specialists and other consultants as needed. The casualty ward is complete with all sophisticated amenities such as:

  • Multi parameter monitors
  • Ventilators
  • Defibrillators
  • 24*7 diagnostic services: X-Ray , Ultra Sound ,Color Doppler, 2D-Echo,EKG & Lab Services
  • 24*7 Pharmacy Services
    • Fully stocked with all emergency Medicines
    • All surgical requirements met
    • Separate In Patient and Out Patient billing
    • Separate In Patient and Out Patient billing
    • 24×7 Service
  • Fully Equipped Ambulance
    • Ventilators
    • Monitors
    • Stretchers
    • Emergency Medicines
    • 24×7 Services
S.No. Does your hospital care to provide @ Bristlecone Why it is required Images
1 Laminar flow with Hepa filters for operation theatres Yes To Eliminate Hospital induced infections
2 UV light burning of the input air in the theatres To restrict Air borne and droplet Viral infections
3 High pressure zones for post operations and ICU Yes To effectively restrict Infections by restricting entry of air from the outside.
4 Drager – Carina Ventilator Yes To prevent asphyxia.
5 Sola lights-Operation Theatre lights giving high light & no heat Yes Ordinary Light’s illumination may not penetrate into the deepest surgical caverns leaving poor surgical outcomes.
1 Multi Parameter(VM6) Bedside Monitor Yes Serious compromise of patient care especially if they are critically ill.
2 Multi Parameter(VM8) Cardiac Monitor Yes Without this, it’s difficult to take good care of post surgical and ICU patients.
3 Philips Fetal Monitor Yes Best in class equipment that provides integrated monitoring of fetal care
4 Philips Defibrillator XL Yes Difficult to transport throughout the hospital to the site where cardiac care is needed.
1 Philips HD7 Ultra sound system Yes High image quality and ultrasound capabilities.
2 Fabius Plus Anesthesia System Yes To deliver the proven, high class performance of piston driven ventilation combined with a convenient, compact design.
3 High pressure Sterilizer Yes Eliminate contamination.
4 ENT-Micro Debrider XPS 3000 Yes Without this, Removal of polyps and mucin in the maxillary sinus may not be complete and may interrupt the ENT surgery procedure.
5 Carl Zeiss Microscope Yes High fidelity images to provide accurate results during Microsurgeries
1 Fresenius- Hemo dialysis machine and RO water plant for Dialysis Yes Best in class machine with no infection risk.
1 Rooms –Single and Deluxe – Centrally AC rooms. – LCD TV with DVD player – Built in cable connection – Plush cots with attendant beds – Micro wave oven – Refrigerator – Wifi-facilities Yes Best in class recovery friendly ambience.
2 Fire safety – Water sprinkler System – Public address system – High Buzzer alarm system Yes To provide high patient safety in an un-likely event of any fire break out.
3 Back up facilities – DG set – Online UPS system Yes 100% back up with 350 KVA DG set to run all the equipment and the air-conditioners in the hospital… UPS is provides power for all Theatres, Post Op / ICU and all equipment
4 Valet Parking Expertise drivers to park your car from valet point. Spacious parking facility to accommodate more than 50 cars at a time. Yes Enabling hassle free parking for Patients and Visitors
5 Ambulance – Foot operated wash basin, Drinking water – Comfortable attendant seats – Insulation between FRP and chasis for heat resistance – Inverter(Power link) with 2 hours back up, facility for charging from 220 – Oxygen Therapy-Complete gas pipe lining with tubing embedded in panel having superior outlet points for Oxygen. – Air Conditioning Scoop stretcher – Multi parameter monitor – Metrax Defibrillators XD 1 – With ECG monitoring and Hard Paddles. – Transport ICU ventilator Yes Best in class to provide immediate medication and treatment for emergency patients.
6 Standard SOP Yes All processes are standard compliant and are recording for 2 way traceability
7 Online and Physical library for doctors Yes For the doctors to update the latest in surgery and medicine
8 Online Health Records Yes Online Medical Diagnostics reports, Out- patient reports, SMS alerts etc
Viswanath Kompella  Founder, Chairman

Viswanath Kompella, (Vish Kompella), an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology Chennai,  is the founder-owner of Bristlecone  Chain Of Hospitals located in different areas in Hyderabad. Vish Kompella is a parallel entrepreneur with interest in IT, Biotech and  Healthcare.

Operating Data

Bristlecone multi-specialty hospitals are focused on building sustained thought leadership in C.O.N.N.E.C.T. specialties (Cardiac Care, Orthopedics, Nephrology, Neurology, Emergency Medicine, Cancer and Transplant Care) through significant investments in medical technology, research and expert personnel. The hospital research team, led by International experts have continuously implemented latest medical technology, medicines and surgical techniques and have developed a strong medical record department with over 65000 unique patient records.


In the last calendar year, the hospital admitted 210 patients a month with on an average of 140 surgeries a month. The hospitals have seen a consistent increase in average occupancy over the past twelve months. The Hospitals have already undergone NABH assessment and are planned for final inspection in Q2 of this year.


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