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During Your Stay
At Bristlecone, our priority is to provide you with the care, skill, compassion, and respect.

A Safe and Clean Environment

The Bristlecone staff works hard to keep you safe. We use special policies and procedures to avoid mistakes in your care and keep you free from abuse or neglect. The housekeeping staff works to ensure your environment is safe and practices to maintain our infection control policies.

Involvement in Your Case

You and your family always will have the freedom to ask questions about your medical condition. Your medical records and information on your medical condition are confidential. We will only share this information with you and your next-of-kin. If your immediate family members wish to know more about your condition, they can approach the Nurse Case Coordinator to arrange for a convenient time to meet the doctor. However, as it is not possible for our doctor to update all your family members who may visit you at different times, we request that you appoint one member to be the liaison to discuss any issue with the doctor.

Visiting Hours

Your family and friends are welcome to visit you during your stay at our Hospital. For your well being and that of other patients, we would appreciate the co-operation of your visitors in adhering to the visiting hours.

Ward Timings
Maternity Ward 11am to12 noon & 5.30pm to 7pm
NICU, HDU, MICU, SICU 11am to12 noon & 5.00pm to 7pm
Other Wards 11am to12 noon & 5pm to 7pm


A visitor, outside visiting hours is expected to have a 24-hour pass or a 30-minute reliever's pass on his person when he is in the patient's room. For patients scheduled for operations, yellow passes will be provided by the Main Reception on the day of the surgery. These passes will be valid for the duration of the Surgery.

In-house entertainment

To make your stay more comfortable, the Hospital has provided in-house facilities like televisions, DVD players, Refrigerators and telephones in the wards. Please make a proper use of the facilities as per your need.

Food Service

Healthy food is available in the Hospital premises for patients and their visitors. Please make use of the dustbins provided, do not litter the premises.

A Gentle Reminder

To ensure that you and your neighbor’s stay are pleasant and comfortable, we would appreciate your assistance in the following.

  • Please do not smoke/chew tobacco/pan in the Hospital premises
  • Keep children supervised & noise to a minimum
  • Please adhere to the visiting hours to see your patient.
  • Do not leave your valuables unattended

Leaving the Ward

Please inform the ward staff before leaving the ward at any time. For your safety, we request that you do not leave the Hospital premises without the permission of your doctor-in-charge.

Other Facilities

Nurse Call Bell  

A call bell is attached to your bed panel. Please use it to call for assistance from the ward staff.  

Patients' Lockers

Lockers are available at your bedside for the safekeeping of your belongings.

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