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Admission Procedures
On admission to Bristlecone Hospital, you are required to do the following:

Step 1: Confirm the staying room

Please confirm the type of room you will be staying on admission. Please note that all quotations are based on a standard room and your total bill may vary in accordance with this.

Step 2: Fill up the Admission Form

Please complete the ‘Admission Form ‘and verify the details of the person responsible for your medical expenses.

Step 3: Submit a copy of your Identity Proof

Please submit a copy of your identity proof for registration and insurance purposes.

Step 4: Deposit the treatment costs

All patients are required to deposit the required amount of the treatment cost. The payment can be made by any methods mentioned overleaf. Incase you are claiming your insurance please click on the link.

Step 5: Proceed to your room

You will now be escorted to your room by one of our Hospital porters, who will also transport your luggage for you.

Step 6: Learn about the Hospital

A clear explanation about the room facilities is provided by the concerned nurse. Please, ensure to make a preference for your meals. Contact our customer care in the absence of concerned nurse.

Step 7: Blood pressure and temperature check up

Please, coordinate with the concerned nurse for blood pressure and temperature check ups.

Step 8: Medical Treatment form

Additionally, if you need to undergo any – minor or major - surgery, please, sign another ‘Acceptance of Surgical Treatment’ form in order to give permission to Hospital to proceed.

Please, click on the link to know about the surgical instructions.

Step 9: Your Savior, your Hospital

Please, do not hesitate to pose questions or doubts (if any) to our experienced team of nurses and consultants.

Step 10: Document Check List which you are required to sign

  • Copy of your Identity Card
    (White card, Aarogya Sri Card, driving license or any other card with your image on it)
  • Copy of your insurance documents (For insurance claim only)
  • Admission Form.
  • Consent of Medical Treatment.
  • Acceptance of Medical Treatment.
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