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Bristlecone Hospitals is a surgical specialty hospital located in Barkatpura & Hayathnagar of Hyderabad. Bristlecone has been established to address the largest challenge in healthcare market - providing world-class healthcare at affordable prices. In its endeavor for perfection and patent safety, Bristlecone Hospitals have equipped the hospital with the latest medical systems in the world including Laminar Flow HEPA Filter Operation Theatres, Multi-Parameter VM6 model Cardiac Monitors, Fabius Plus Anesthesia System, Fresenius Haemo Dialysis equipment etc.

Bristlecone Barkatpura Hospital is located in a busy commercial locality in Barkatpura, Hyderabad within walking distance to the Kacheguda railway station. It was erstwhile known as Ashok Kumar ENT Hospitals that functioned for almost two decades before being acquired in 2008, by Mr. Vish Kompella who converted into a 60 bed multi-specialty hospitals by adding state of the art equipment like CT Scan/Laminar flow theatres etc.

Bristlecone Hospitals also acquired another hospital formerly known as Titan Hospitals on the busy Hyderabad – Vijayawada National Highway 9 in 2014 with a bed capacity of 120 thus making it a Chain of Hospitals with 180 beds providing 30 plus clinical specialty diagnostic and therapeutic services.

The name ‘Bristlecone’ refers to a pine tree which is the longest living biological structure on earth with an average life of over 5000 years. Inspired by this genetic wonder and also to be on track with the latest in genetic science & health care innovation, the group of hospitals is named as Bristlecone Hospitals.

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Bristlecone multi-specialty hospitals are focused on building sustained thought leadership in C.O.N.N.E.C.T.
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            Bristlecone Hospitals, A unit of Virinchi, Banjara Hills is now accredited with NABH.             Now Accredited with             Bristlecone Hospitals, A unit of Virinchi, Banjara Hills is now accredited with NABH.             Now Accredited with