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Bristlecone Hospital’s Paediatrics Center helps to maximize the level of comfort and care we are able to offer our youngest patients. Our comprehensive paediatric unit delivers innovative, family-centered paediatric care as out-patient and inpatient for children through age 21

Bristlecone Hospital’s paediatric physicians focused on children's health care needs. Each year, our teams provide expert care to children and teens, from common problems to the most complex situations.

Expertise and experience: Experts at Bristlecone Hospital’s Children's Center have significant expertise and experience in treating complex and rare paediatric diseases, attracting large numbers of patients. This experience enables our paediatricians to use this collective knowledge to provide the best answers for your child's needs.

Team approach, tailored to your child's needs — now and future. A team of medical professionals from various specialties will work with you to set goals, develop a customized plan based on your child's needs and monitor progress. In addition, paediatric and adult experts work together to provide the best expertise at the right time as your child grows older. Bristlecone Hospitals provides a continuum of care throughout any stage of life.

Comprehensive children's Clinic. In our family-friendly environment, medical experts from many specialties work as a team to meet your child's specific needs, whether inpatient or outpatient. Child life specialists offer unique services for our smallest patients. We also provide medical transport services, paediatric pharmacists, dietitians, family advisors, spiritual care and many more paediatric services.

Advanced technology, innovative treatments and the latest research. Bristlecone Hospital’s paediatric experts use state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment techniques and the latest technology. In addition, our medical professionals continue working toward discovering innovative therapies and developing the best care models to help children and their families.

The Paediatric Center offers:

  • A waiting room dedicated to paediatric patients and their families
  • Private rooms with close proximity to staff
  • Paediatric providers and staff dedicated to providing excellent family-centred care
  • A commitment to open and consistent communication with community providers
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            Bristlecone Hospitals, A unit of Virinchi, Banjara Hills is now accredited with NABH.             Now Accredited with             Bristlecone Hospitals, A unit of Virinchi, Banjara Hills is now accredited with NABH.             Now Accredited with