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The Hospital offers sophisticated appointment processes to honour planned consultations as well as walk-in and emergency patients. A patient can book an appointment for free, through the mobile app, on the website, on phone or in person. All appointment slots for the consultants are available on the website or through the hospital call center.

An appointment for the next visit can be fixed by the patient in consultation with the doctor directly or through the reception. Similarly, a next visit appointment post discharge is also generated automatically as a part of the discharge process.

A doctor has a minimum of ten minute appointment slot for new consultations with additional slots made available for complicated consultations. A follow up consultation may take lesser time as deemed necessary by the doctor.

A patient is expected to report atleast ten minutes before the appointment time. Any delay beyond the five minute of the appointment shall lead to the patient appointment be moved into the walk-in category.

The patient queue is visible in each OPD for each doctor. Every hour the last ten minutes are allocated for walk-in patients or delayed appointments only. However, the doctor may exercise her prerogative to shuffle the patient queue or schedule planned consultations as needed to manage timeline.


A patient may register with the hospital herself without visiting the hospital, through the mobile app or on the website. There are no registration, documentation or filing charges with the hospital. All hospital services are delivered only after registration.

The Patient may make a Quick Register with the hospital with basic demographics, generate his unique MRN and later fill the additional details on hospital arrival.

The hospital allows the Patient and his immediate family to register together in the hospital to allow consolidated patient records, shared payments and single internet signon.

OP Consultation

A patient may consult any doctor empanelled with the hospital during the consultation hours, preferably through an appointment. The Consultation charges vary depending on the consultant, emergency nature and on the economic condition of the patient.

All consultations allow for up to two free consultations within seven days from the date of the first paid consultation, either done on phone or through video or in person in the hospital.

Pharmacy Purchase

The Hospital does not take responsibilities for medicines brought from outside. For all patients the medicines are supplied through the Central Pharmacy. All doctor prescriptions are integrated with the Pharmacy ERP such as to allow the pharmacy to be prepared with the medicines before the patient arrives.

The patient can walk directly to the pharmacy while the prescription reaches electronically. The Pharmacist keeps the envelope ready while the patient can make the payment in cash, card or through the Bristlecone Health card.

The patient gets an alert in the mobile app if the medicine purchased is deemed to be exhausted. The patient can choose to repeat the prescription through the mobile app, whereupon the medicines can be home delivered for no extra charge for a 20 km radius.

Second Opinion

The hospital offers consultations with a relevant doctor of the choice either through video consultation, email, telephone or through the hospital telemedicine infrastructure. The hospital consultants can be requested to suggest their international counterparts to discuss the patient case in further detail.

A dedicated medical counsellor and inter-disciplinary team is available to facilitate the cross-consultations/ second opinions with a suitable doctor of choice.

Health Check Services

The hospital has a proactive vision towards healthcare  thus following the concept ‘Prevention is better than cure’.An ailment which goes un attended  leads to a bigger ailment.Today’s life style includes- Stress, irregular eating habits,lack of exercise, disturbed sleep and toxic pollution.This is a multifactorial condition requiring a mandatory /statutory health check.

  • “In the time you sip your  juice we finish your health check-up.”
  • Bristlecone hospitals introduces its 15 minute health check-up.

An appointment schedule is prepared and is captured on the hospital information system.Further a brief call is made to the patient explaining about the requirement  of a 12 hour  fasting, wearing loose clothes, carrying all the medicines(if any) along and also to carry the previous medical reports.

A pre-existing questionnaire is given to a patient who is not sure of the type of health check to be done.This filled questionnaire is seen by the General Physician and his/her advice is taken pertaining to what health check-up must be done.The patient is immediately guided to the phlebotomy for sample collection.Post sample collection patient will be guided to the radiology department to complete investigations.he patient is then made to have his breakfast which is present in our health checks refreshment area.A complete series of investigations are done and the patient is guided on the arrival of his/her reports.

GRE will collate all the reports and keep it ready for the physician consultation.Once consultation is done and if any further suggestions by the physician,guide the patient on the same.Collect the feedback before patient leaves from the hospital.


The hospital enquiry desk is staffed with guest relation specialists located in the lobby at the main entrance of the hospital. The information desk staff is present here at all times to assist you in finding your way around the hospital and to locate patients for family and relatives/friends.The desk offers a variety of services to make your stay or visit more pleasant  at the hospital.

The enquiry desk also assists you in delivering books, magazines,hospital brochures and educative material to the patients and attenders. The enquiry desk could also be of help to the patient in educating him/her regarding the various hospital procedures as these staff  are well versed with all aspects in relation to the hospital.

As the “FACE”   of the hospital the enquiry desk staff are well versed with the infrastructure /services of the hospital . Patient queries are resolved here, also if a patient would want to visit our centres of excellence the staff would  accompany  the patient with the same.

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            Bristlecone Hospitals, A unit of Virinchi, Banjara Hills is now accredited with NABH.             Now Accredited with             Bristlecone Hospitals, A unit of Virinchi, Banjara Hills is now accredited with NABH.             Now Accredited with